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04-15-2003 - Voice Of The Fans National Sports Alliance (VOTF) is searching the nation for talented university professors and sports executives to invite as members of the Editorial Advisory Board (EAB). Those accepted will join a brain-trust or think-tank of sports industry "insiders" who represent the values that VOTF has identified as critical to the future of sports. Click on "Editorial Advisory Board" to determine your "goodness of fit" for this exciting opportunity.

04-11-2003 - Meanwhile, America's greatest sports athletes are being contacted to discuss leadership roles as athlete representatives who for many years had experienced both the worship of the limelight and the glare of the spotlight while performing as world class sports heroes. Now they are fans again--and have added a new perspective--and a new value--to Voice Of The Fans National Sports Alliance. Click on "Athlete Founder" for more information in this section.

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VOTF is accepting applications for 200 EAB board members. Click here for initial application form.

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